So we’re watching Wrestlemania tonight cause it airs at an ungodly time over here and our friend was busy yesterday. I’m not a big fan but it’s fun to watch. My bf is a big fan so we watch it quite a bit. I actually got myself some wrestling knowledge by now 😀
I’m really happy there are two divas matches this time. I love team total divas won cause I rooted for them. I love brie, nattie and paige. But I do like some of the divas from the other team too. So awesome how they showed nikki at the end of the match. So happy she feels better. Wrestling is so dangerous. And the gesture to Daniel Bryan of course!
I’m rooting for becky lynch for the second match now.
And they played demi woo hoo
I rooted for ryback for the first match.
We’re betting on the matches but for now, it’s a tie.


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