Ich werde diesen Post auf englisch schreiben, weil es nun mal ein englisches Thema ist. Für alle Leser, die nicht so gut Englisch können: ich finde den Brexit beschissen.

So, brits, you fuckers, what’s wrong with you? Nothing is going to get better without your membership of the European union. How stupid are you? Don’t you know all our wealth, freedom, peace stems from there? Plus especially in your country: don’t you realise you have no basis  rights you can count upon without the EU or the echr which you want to exit too all the time? I can’t believe that you choose to go back to national states in a time of globalisation. We’re all getting closer no matter what. Your childish decision is only making things so much harder. My only hope is that Scotland, Wales and northern Ireland will leave GB and reenter the EU. Sad days. Terrifying. I was recently talking about the apocalypse. I’m more scared than ever these days


14 Gedanken zu “Brexit

  1. Global shifts seem to be freaking people out here in the US and abroad. Hope we don’t get Trump, too (lately things are looking up).

    It seems that people don’t really understand the issues and all of their implications. And apparently the British tabloids could make a lot of money from stirring things up. And politicians could make some short-term gains leading to long-term losses, big time.

    That said, it sounds like the European Union does need to find a way to better govern and bring unity. It’s complicated stuff.

  2. I voted to stay as did 49% of the UK
    Wales voted overwhelmingly to leave.
    Scotland and N Ireland strongly to stay.
    I’m dismayed at the campaign that was fought, it turned into a personal slanging match which detracted from the real issues.
    The worrying thing is the right wing in Holland may now take the Dutch in the same direction. Then Italy. The European Union may well break. Which is heartbreaking as it has kept peace for an unprecedented time in Europe….a sad day today 😞

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