This goes out to Tosha who made me realise this blog seriously  needed an update.

I’m doing pretty good. My relationship is blooming. I’m feeling pretty pregnant so fingers are crossed that it’s more than my fantasy this time. 

I’m back on my meds. I know that sucks but I just can’t do it without them. I’m talking to my gynecologist and my therapist though so I actually think I know what I’m doing. 

My job is pretty good. I’m definitely getting better at it. They are so cool and gave me a week off when I asked cause my bf has one too. A lot of people there have family issues going on so they’re all super understanding. 

And I really need this week cause I have a bad cold and still went to work cause there was a lot to do and I didn’t want to be the new girl who calls in sick the week before she goes off on holiday. That’s why I need time to get better now.

We had a new adventure in spanking land. Weird couple though. Not healthy. Plus they were looking for completely different things. Definitely not seeing them again. 

Winter still sucks. I’m suffering and my skinis so dry, it’s not even pretty anymore. Need spring badly.

Hope all is well with everybody. 

Lots of love, 



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